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The tasks of advertisers are performed through the LikesRock Desktop Client.
Download and install the LikesRock Desktop Client on your computer. Next, follow the manual for use of LikesRock Client.

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Latest News

ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - New functionality in the PostingBlues service

In order to create your own advertising campaign, go to the "Add a campaing" section in the left menu of the service. Next you need to come up with a name for the advertising campaign, upload the image, specify the URL (link), the text of the advertising campaign and the tags.

The following places are available for posting posts:

✓ Facebook (personal profiles, pages, groups)
✓ Skype (contacts online)

At the moment, this functionality is in beta testing mode. If you find any errors, please do not hesitate to contact us via the support ticket

Test with us a new functionality!

Our best regards,
Maya Group team

Promo Actions

And the next "TOP-EXECUTOR 5" contest starts with the total prize fund of 200 MSH !!! The contest will last 3 months and the results will be announced on December 15, 2018.

Please pay your attention! This time we will take into account the qualitative indicators only for the period from September 15, 2018 to December 15, 2018. Users included in the top 100 will receive prizes in form of MAYA Shares, as well as rating, premium in MAYA, VIP-status LikesRock and subscription in PostingBlues and LandingJazz.

You can see a table of TOP 100 EXECUTORS ( taking part in the contest. The information in this table is updated in real time. The current place is determined by the efficiency. The efficiency is calculated according to executed tasks in the LikesRock service and the number of sent out promotional posts and advertising campaigns in the service PostingBlues. For each completed task and each published post recanimation you will receive 1 point.


1st place: 13 MSH 3 month premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 3 months subscription in PostingBlues + 3 months subscription in LandingJazz +10000 to the rating
2nd place: 11 MSH + 3 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 3 months subscription in PostingBlues + months subscription in LandingJazz +9000 to the rating
3rd place: MSH + 3 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 3 months subscription in PostingBlues + 3 months subscription in LandingJazz +8000 to the rating
4th place: MSH + 3 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 3 months subscription in PostingBlues + 3 months subscription in LandingJazz +6000 to the rating
5th place: MSH + 3 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 3 months subscription in PostingBlues + 3 months subscription in LandingJazz +4000 to the rating

Users ranked from 6th to 20th, will receive:
MSH + 2 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 2 months subscription in PostingBlues + 2 months subscription in LandingJazz

Users ranked from 21th to 50th, will receive:
MSH + 1 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 1 months subscription in PostingBlues + 1 months subscription in LandingJazz

Users ranked from 51th to 100th, will receive:
MSH + 1 months premium in MAYA, VIP-status in LikesRock + 1 months subscription in PostingBlues + 1 months subscription in LandingJazz

Before we sum up the results and reward the winners, we will carefully check the quality of the tasks and advertising campaigns The basic rules of tasks execution and requirements for your social accounts you can find in our Knowledge Base, in article 
Grow up and make money with us!!!

Our best regards,
Maya Group team
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Likes Rock? We Say Yes!

A New Generation Of Social Promotion Tools

Convenience And Simpleness

Fully automated dashboard using modern programming technologies and design.

Promotion In Social Networks

The ability to quickly and efficiently promote your personal and business pages in all popular social networks and draw attention to your business.

Real-Time Earning

A reward for each task execution. Bonuses and promo-actions for active users of our service.

Reliability and Safety

A large number of payment systems to deposit. Only verified business accounts.

Affiliate Program

20% instantly to your balance for each deposit of your referrals. Always fresh promotional materials for inviting partners.


Professional technical support is always ready to help. Advanced FAQ allow you to correctly configure all the features of our service.


A comments, reposts, and "likes" to your news was hard to earn before, but now with LikesRock it will be much easier.

LikesRock - is a new way to draw attention of your existing and potential customers in the social networks by an affordable price. You can create tasks for all users of our service and reward them for every "like", subscribe or visit your site. Also you can put your own "likes", reposts and retweets the pages you like, get rewards and new contacts for your own interests.

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A Features

Looking for customers is one of the important aspects of any business. So it is important to take every opportunity to do so. With LikesRock you can easily:

- Draw attention to yourselves and present your company.
- Share an offers of your services and products.
- Promote your personal or business pages in social networks.
- Attract traffic to the site or viewers to the YouTube clip.

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Take a look to our system in action:

Advantages Of the VIP Status

Status VIP in our service provides a number of significant benefits to both advertisers and users who wants to earn




- +10% bonus of the advertising budget spent past week
An ability to set a reward for 1 completed task from €0.001 to €0.01 An ability to set a reward for 1 completed task from €0.001 to €0.1
- Your tasks are displayed first in its price category
Available to execution a 200 tasks in each category per day All the active tasks are available to execution (without any limitation)
Earn 50% on the original tasks reward Earn 100% on the original tasks reward
- Priority when you contact our technical support
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