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  Here is the new possibilities of promotion via Facebook - posts Likes, subscription to accounts, add friends and join in the group.

  Facebook ( – the world's largest social network among the popular in runet. In total there were registered almost 1.5 billion users, about half of them are active on a daily basis. Facebook is visited mostly people of middle and high social status and wealth between the ages of 25 to 45 years, the percentage of insolvent audience here is minimal. Facebook business and informational social network, people come here to get information..
  The best advertising on Facebook will serve as an informative feature article/review with the calling of interest text and pictures.

  An important advantage of Facebook is the fact that the likes are displayed in the newsfeed of all the user's friends, thus advertising easier entry applies to a wider audience.

  Promoting your business on Facebook is suitable for products and services targeted at business, literate people, promoting all kinds of conferences, seminars, business training, informational sites.

   Now in LikesRock is available a wide range of services for the promotion of your brand via Facebook. Create your tasks for page or post likes, subscriptions to account, or add as a friend, and invite our users to join your thematic groups and share your posts in their news feed.

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Promo Actions

   From 1st June 2016 we are launching an instant raffles. These raffles will be held every day, and will be able to attend all the active users of our services.

  • Raffed off:

    Bonuses to balance,
    VIP statuses in LikesRock
    Subscriptions in PostingBlues
    Rating in MAYA

  • Daily Attendance Bonus

    Every day we capture the number of users who went into the personal dashboard of any our services. And at the end of each day, from all the users who has ever been online during the day, randomly selected three people and they will automatically receive €1 of attendance bonus.

Our best regards,
Maya Group team
  • PostingBlues + Likes Rock = excellent services to promote your businesses on the Internet, for subscribers to your accounts on VKontakte, Youtube, Twitter, for thousands of likes on Facebook. Personally, I make an advertising on Facebook using PostingBlues, and money to pay a subscription make in LikesRock. Support is worked timely manner, helps in all the matters. Thank you!
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  • I think that LikesRock will be the best social exchange online!
  • Hello! It's a good project.
  • Sergey

    Everything is excellent: minimum effort - maximum results! Thank you!!!
  • Very good site, you can earn good money!
  • This service has enormous potential and it's useful for regular users and for advertisers as well.
  • likesrock - The best service for promotion and earnings! Lots available for promotion of sites: not only the world-famous, but known only in certain countries (such as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki ..) Many also ways: views, subscriptions, message. If too lazy to perform tasks - no problem, you can just invite a couple of people and earn their due

Likes Rock? We Say Yes!

A New Generation Of Social Promotion Tools

Convenience And Simpleness

Fully automated dashboard using modern programming technologies and design.

Promotion In Social Networks

The ability to quickly and efficiently promote your personal and business pages in all popular social networks and draw attention to your business.

Real-Time Earning

A reward for each task execution. Bonuses and promo-actions for active users of our service.

Reliability and Safety

A large number of payment systems to deposit. Only verified business accounts.

Referral Program

20% instantly to your balance for each deposit of your referrals. Always fresh promotional materials for inviting partners..


Professional technical support is always ready to help. Advanced FAQ allow you to correctly configure all the features of our service.


A comments, reposts, and "likes" to your news was hard to earn before, but now with LikesRock it will be much easier.

LikesRock - is a new way to draw attention of your existing and potential customers in the social networks by an affordable price. You can create tasks for all users of our service and reward them for every "like", subscribe or visit your site. You can also set "like", repost and retweet you the pages to receive a compensation and gain a new contacts within your interests.

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A Features

Looking for customers is one of the important aspects of any business. So it is important to take every opportunity to do so. With LikesRock you can easily:

- Draw attention to yourselves and present your company.
- Share your offer of services and products.
- Promote your personal or business pages in social networks.
- Attract traffic to the site or viewers to the YouTube clip.

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Take a look to our system in action:


Deposit Funds

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User's Profile

Referral Program

User's Balance

Add A New Task

Tasks List

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Advantages Of the VIP Status

Status VIP in our service provides a number of significant benefits to both advertisers and users who wants to earn




- +10% bonus to any deposit
An ability to set a reward for 1 completed task from €0.001 to €0.01 An ability to set a reward for 1 completed task from €0.001 to €0.1
- Your tasks are displayed first in its price category
Available to execution a 200 tasks in each category per day All the active tasks are available to execution (without any limitation)
Earn 50% on the original tasks reward Earn 100% on the original tasks reward
- Hiding an advertising from the site
- Priority when you contact our technical support
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Social networking is an absolutely unique way to interact. In last few years social networks have completely changed the world of the Internet and marketing. Start using these new forms of communication as soon as possible!

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